Nikhil Sharma - WCNU President

President for the 2018 - 2019 school year. Oversees overall operation of the station. Rad dude.


Miller Bowe - Vice President

He does budgets. He does tech. He does licensing. He’s the mVP.


Kyle Gunderson - Events Coordinator

Plans events on as well as off campus. He also handles Tuesday Tunes, takes pictures of dogs, and can throw a mean birthday party.


Naijani Ortiz Medina - Promotions Manager

Advertising and social media content for all WCNU events and general campus engagement. Her snap stories are legend. She also designs cool websites in her spare time (cough cough this one cough cough).


Lauren Chadwick - Technical Director

Expert on studio equipment and software. Can hardwire a car and knows what a floppy disk is.


Mara Tharp - Secretary

Administrative manager. Records all WCNU proceedings and is the main mode of communication to General Members and Executive Board (It’s the Midwestern in her).


Tyler Melone - Treasurer

Supervises finances and maintains budget. You wanna talk bylaws? He'll talk bylaws.