DJ of the Week #3

Stephen Bowe is the DJ for this week and his radio career began very early in life. Many years ago, Stephen was just a small boy forced to listen to the Steve Harvey Morning Show on the bus to school in 6th grade. He took the skills he heard in Steve Harvey’s soothing voice and […]

DJ of the Week #2

This week’s DJ is Spencer Horn AKA DJ Spence, the host of WCNU Radio’s “The Weekend Rollout.” Spencer began his career as a DJ in senior year of high school, where he would play his music so loudly that the entire bus could hear it. His fellow bus riding students dubbed him DJ Spence and […]

DJ of the Week #1

Our first DJ of the Week is Tom Aberman, who is Promotions Manager for WCNU Radio and a lover of music. Tom has been a member of WCNU Radio for three years and he began his show during his freshmen year. Before he came to CNU and joined WCNU Radio, Tom had been in an […]

General Meeting

We have a meeting for all of our DJs on Thursday, November 3. If you are a DJ it is required that you attend as we will be covering new station policies, future WCNU Radio events, and others important topics. The meeting will be held at 8pm in Forbes 1022. We look forward to seeing […]